Luca Marcelli Pitzalis was born in the summer of 1995 in the island of Sardinia, Italy. He lives and works in Viterbo, Italy.

LMP works in a wide range of media including installation, audio, video, performance, writing, and songwriting.

His research explores the dimensions of intimacy and sensitivity in the infosphere. A countermelody of vulnerability and defeat arises from his works, as opposed to the translation of human experience into data, and to the dominance of the paradigms of growth and productivity. 

The artist’s work is built on the relationship between private and public, and more generally between inside and outside. In his research, intimate confessions coexist with the words and images of other authors or internet users, in a continuous exchange between the personal and the collective. This tension between the inside and the outside is often expressed through the medium of the voice, which expands from whispering to singing. 

Luca Marcelli Pitzalis’s universe is made up of night email exchanges with his newsletter’s subscribers, fragments of personal life that mingle with fragments of imaginary scripts, refrains repeated until the chants become collective rituals, failures that become flags of hope and despair.

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